F.H. Buckley

The Republic of Virtue

The Republic of Virtue: How We Tried to Ban Corruption, Failed, and What We Can Do About It

Frank Buckley’s new book unlocks the puzzle of corruption of America, and provides surprising solutions to the problem. The book explains:

  • How the Constitution was intended as an anti-corruption document
  • How it ended up facilitating corruption, like a boomerang that rears back and hits the person who threw it
  • How the corrupt trial lawyers in Mississippi came from the same swamp that fought the civil rights movement in the 1960s, and how to take them on
  • How we’d get less corruption if we junked just about all of our campaign finance laws
  • How we can drain the swamp by taking on the nexus between K Street and Congress

Frank Buckley is available for interviews. You can contact him at fbuckley@gmu.edu, or his agent, Dean Draznin, at dean@drazninpr.com. You can also reach Encounter Books by writing to Sam Schneider at sschneider@encounterbooks.com or Lauren Miklos at lmiklos@encounterbooks.com.

Praise for The Republic of Virtue


Political corruption, in the form of crony capitalism, is a silent killer of our economy. Drawing on the genius of our Founding Fathers, Frank Buckley’s new book shows how we can rein it in and help restore the Republic.

–William Bennett, former Secretary of Education, best selling author

Buckley diagnoses the corruption that ails American government, and offers up a coherent, lucid, alternative program for restoring virtue and making American government once again a government of, by, and for the people.

–Bradley A. Smith, Capital University Law School, author of “Unfree Speech”

This is Buckley at his colorful, muckraking best—an intelligent, powerful, but depressing argument laced with humor.

–Gordon S. Wood, Pulitzer Prize winner, author of “The Radicalism of the American Revolution”