F.H. Buckley

New Book

Progressive Conservatism: How Republicans Will Become America’s Natural Governing Party

We have come to a dead end, and we’ll not see a way back except through a recovery of the mystique of American purity in the republican virtue of the Founders and the GOP’s great leaders: Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, and the content they gave to our idea of the common good. That is the Party’s task, and in embracing it the Republicans will restore the American Dream and become the country’s natural governing party.

Praise for his books

“Francis Buckley … is the closest thing America has to a Jonathan Swift.”
—Spengler (David Goldman)

“You are our Montagne!”
—Chris DeMuth

“This is Buckley at his colorful, muckraking best—an intelligent, powerful, but depressing argument laced with humor.”
—Gordon S. Wood, Pulitzer Prize winner

“Frank Buckley marshals tremendous data and insight in a compelling study.”
—Frank Fukuyama

“Penetrating…iconoclastic. No US political scientist has achieved what F.H. Buckley does in this ambitious book.”
—Times Literary Supplement